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Measuring and maintaining the success of your e-commerce business goes far beyond a revenue number. A simple DIY spreadsheet will hardly suffice these days when you have a laundry list of metrics that must be carefully analyzed on a regular basis. Cut out the complications and start saving time and money with software options specifically designed to help you visualize and increase your profit margin.

Understand and monitor every contribution to the health of your Amazon sales with customizable dashboards that zero in on the metrics that affect you. You don’t have to be a mathematician or data expert; simply automate the mundane parts of your business so you can focus on growing it!

Return on Investments (roI)

Find areas in need of improvement with hard data breakdowns of your ROIs

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns cost and sales analysis
  • Inventory management: see the stock levels of your active products, study sell-through rates, track refunds
  • Compare and calculate the historical cost of goods versus the cost of goods sold
other key performance indicators (KPI)

Recognize winners, losers, and optimization targets

  • Easily view operating expenses, including FBA fees and financial transactions
  • Identify lucrative markets with detailed customer watchlisting
  • Track product promotions
  • Enhance listings with keyword choices tailored for your inventory
  • Helpful analysis of competition

Updated with live data in real time, these profit evaluation softwares are an absolute necessity if you want to stay on top in the fast-paced world of Amazon selling.

Still not sure what to pick?

The key differentiator with these will be prices, which are all either dependent upon number of orders or have an order limit. There are unlimited plans, but they will run you the most in terms of price. You will definitely want to have an idea of your average order number per month and spend some time comparing price plans based on the size of your business.

Another thing that may be of consideration is the software visually. Is it as easy for you to navigate through as it promised? Are you spending time trying to figure out where pieces of your results are, or trying to analyze information that could have been more clear? You want dashboards that work for you, not complicated spreadsheets that seem to be working against you. 

Luckily, most services offer free or $1 trial periods that can vary from one week up to a full month. It might be best for you to try out more than one service if many fit your initial expectations.