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With Amazon selling it is crucial that businesses have transparent, continuously updated information regarding their rankings. Similar to the classic brick-and-mortar company model, your “ranking” relies heavily on customer satisfaction. However, this can get a little tricky when personable face-to-face interactions are replaced with merely a few clicks on a computer screen.

Effortlessly keep higher Amazon rankings at the top of your objectives with specialized software that offers an array of traffic and sales-monitoring functions detailed below.

keyword analysis

Improve your paid and organic search ranking with access to high-traffic keywords. More traffic means more sales!

email services 

Generate positive reviews and repeat customers with automatic emails. You can even get notifications when a negative review is posted.

conversion rate optimization

Analyze on-page performance of your product page titles, bullets, and images to better increase page views and discover your conversion rate. Quickly identify what’s bringing your conversion rate down so you have a better understanding of how to fix it.

competitor analysis

Monitor the performance of your competitors, both good and bad. Identify why they rank better than you for certain keywords or take advantage of information surrounding your competition’s weak spots.  Understand not just your own Best Seller Ranking (BSR) over time, but track your competitor’s BSR as well.

With platforms that accurately analyze how your sales rankings fluctuate day-to-day you can better understand and interact with potential customers, repeat customers, and anything in-between.

Still not sure what to pick?

An integral part of your ranking on Amazon involves obtaining high star reviews. Because of this, we recommend choosing a software that includes automated email services to your customers. Whether or not you currently use software to track your rankings, if you aren’t already taking advantage of automatic emails this is a great opportunity for you to find that perfect boost on ratings for all of your products. We’ve included services in this category which focus more on email automation than specific rank tracking, so be sure to check that out if it’s all you’re looking for!

Starting from scratch or on the hunt for a much needed upgrade to your rank tracking software? As with many other seller services, the main difference here will again fall on price and package offerings. Pay close attention to limitations on products and keywords tracked per month, as well as email caps, in respect to plan prices.

If you’re also interested in assistance with marketing, there are higher-priced options which will include influencer campaigns or other forms of product marketing to better promote your business across the web.